Adherences, associations and acknowledgments

Marfrig is part of, and plays an active role in, several institutional Compliance-related initiatives, boosting its own enhancement and helping disseminate the topic of compliance within the corporate sector.

  • It is associated with a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (Organização da Sociedade Civil de Interesse Público — OSCIP) the mission of which is to mobilize and sensitize, and indeed help, companies to manage their business in a socially-responsible fashion, thus making them partners in the construction of a fair and sustainable society.

  • This organization is headquartered in France. It seeks to foster international trade and globalization while providing assistance to it, in harmony with the principles of free competition which Marfrig aadvocates. Marfrig is part of the ICC’s Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-Corruption, the aim of which is to help strengthen compliance policies in the private sector and restore Brazil’s international credibility, by carrying out activities related to trade arbitration and the combat against corruption. Find out more at

  • Marfrig is a signatory to the 2006 initiative that brought together the Ethos Institute for Companies and Social Responsibility, UniEthos - Training and Development of Socially Responsible Management, Patri Government Relations and Public Policies, the United Nations Development Program PNUD, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the Brazilian Global Compact Committee.

  • Marfrig ranked highest among companies in its industry in the study entitled “Transparency in corporate reporting: the 100 largest Brazilian companies and 10 largest Brazilian banks” (A transparência em relatórios corporativos: as 100 maiores empresas e os 10 maiores bancos brasileiros) published by Transparência Brasil in order to assess companies’ anti-corruption and organizational transparency-related information and activities.