Marfrig and ADM


Joint venture between Marfrig and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), giving rise to PlantPlusFoods, a company focused on the sale of plant-based products through retail channels and food service chains in South and North America.


Acquisition of Iowa Premium, in the USA. Increased shareholding in NationalBeef, from 51% to 81.73%. Approval of 13 plants for export to China and investments in new hamburger lines. Exclusivity agreement with the North American Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) to produce products based on vegetable protein.


Sale of KeystoneFoods in line with the strategy of concentrating operations on bovine protein. Control Acquisition of NationalBeef, the fourth largest beef processor in the United States and purchase of Quickfood, in Argentina, a local leader in the production of food from bovine protein.


Expansion of the operating capacity in South America, with the reopening of plants and an increase in processing capacity.


First company to export fresh beef from Brazil to the United States.


MarfrigBeef and the NGO Alianza delPastizal launch a stamp that aims to recognize the rural properties that conserve the native fields of the South American Pampa biome. Marfrig Uruguay starts exporting to the USA under the 'Grass-FedBeef' seal.


The Pampeano (RS) plant receives Grade A + in the assessment of BRC Global Standards, the highest food control standard recognized by the Global Food SafetyInitiative (GFSI).


Sale of Seara Brasil, poultry, pork and processed foods division, as a result of a strategy that started to focus on bovine protein.


The plant in Tangará da Serra (MT) becomes the first meat processing unit in Brazil to receive the Rainforest Alliance Certified ™ seal that proves the origin of the raw material in accordance with environmental conservation and human rights standards


Creation of MarfrigBeef as a division that concentrates cattle and sheep operations in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.


Purchase of a confinement unit in Uruguay, meeting constant demand and strengthening all links in the productive chain in the country. Acquisition of KeystoneFoods, a North American company specialized in food service, with operations in 13 countries.


First food company in the world to make a public commitment to Greenpeace to purchase cattle from the legal Amazon. It also starts to operate another 13 units, which expands its processing capacities by up to 8,800 head of cattle per day. Acquisition of Seara, a company in the poultry, pork and high value-added products segment.


Entry into the poultry industry, with the purchase of Penapaulo and DaGranja Agroindustrial. Consolidation of the internationalization process with the purchase of MoyPark, one of the main poultry producers in Europe, based in Northern Ireland.


Initial public offering (IPO, acronym in English) in Brazil, starting the trading of shares on B3's Novo Mercado, a listing segment that brings together companies that commit to adopting differentiated Corporate Governance practices.

2006 and 2007

In Brazil, Marfrig starts operations at the processing units in Mineiros (GO), Chupinguaia (RO), São Gabriel (RS) and Porto Murtinho (MS), in addition to another unit in Promissão (SP) and the Pampeano brand. It also extends operations to other countries in Latin America with the acquisition of Frigorífico Tacuarembó S.A., Inaler S.A. and Frigorífico La Caballada in Uruguay; Frigorífico Patagônia S.A. and Quinto Cuarto S.A. in Chile; and BreedersandPackers, Mirab S.A. and the Paty hamburger brand in Argentina.


The Company becomes a signatory to the National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor, which gave rise to an institute of the same name to which Marfrig remains associated in order to promote decent working conditions throughout the production chain.

Early 2000

Marfrig starts operating processing units in Brazil: Bataguassu (MS), Promissão (SP), Paranatinga (MT) and Tangará da Serra (MT). Years later, it started exporting products worldwide.