Marfrig Club

It seeks to strengthen the relationship between producers and Marfrig. Encourages the adoption of good livestock practices, which contributes to sustainable development and safer production. Effective since 2010, its pillars comprise three dimensions.

Animal Respect


Animal welfare



Environmental respect

Preservation of vegetation, soil and water

Disposal and treatment of waste


Social Respect

Labor Standards

Housing Conditions



To encourage the adoption of these best practices, producers are classified as beginners, bronze, silver or gold, according to adherence to the principles of the Marfrig Club.
This recognition stems from periodic checks of properties.

Agro against cancer

In order to retain donors from Brazilian Agribusiness and encourage them to become partners in the fight against cancer, Hospital de Amor Barretos created the program “O Agro Contra o Cancer”.

Marfrig joined the campaign and, since April 2019, all of the company's cattle ranchers can donate R $ 1.00 per animal to the hospital.

The funds raised are destined to the maintenance of treatments, prevention and early diagnosis of cancer, carried out at the entity free of charge.


Created in 2011, the Marfrig Fazer e Ser Feliz Institute is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting social assistance, culture, education, health, food security and sports. It operates with a focus on children in situations of social vulnerability, aged between 6 and 11 years old, enrolled in public schools in municipalities where the Company is present.

It provides 170 children with a series of physical and intellectual development programs.


Initiative that offers job opportunities for Haitians who migrated to Brazil after the earthquake that hit the island in 2010. The project aims to train and offer income generation opportunities for these people. Since 2015, around 300 immigrant employees have been hired.

Hospital do Amor

Marfrig entered an unprecedented partnership with Hospital de Amor, a center of excellence in Oncology located in Barretos (SP).

The action aims to supply the meat necessary the daily consumption of the hospital, which serves about 16 thousand people per month.