Our operation

Largest bovine protein company in the country, in addition to the main private group, with more than 3,000 employees. It is the only beef processor in Uruguay that has, in its portfolio, industrialized products IQF (fast individual freezing), cooked and cured, in addition to several diversification programs for fresh meat, such as certified organic, a differential of the local operation.

Thanks to strict quality control, all plants are certified and export around 240 thousand tons per year of chilled, frozen meat and processed products to the most demanding markets, such as Japan, the United States, Europe.

Local Capacity

3,7 thousandheads of cattle / day

6 thousandtons of hamburguer / year

6 thousandtons of hamburguer / year

Operating Units


UruguayNumber of certified units


Through donations, Marfrig supports rural schools and other educational institutions that serve children in situations of social vulnerability.

Campaign Teleton

The Teleton Foundation's mission is to democratize access to pediatric rehabilitation centers for children and adolescents with neuro-musculoskeletal disabilities in order to contribute to the inclusion of these young people in society. Every year, Marfrig conducts communication campaigns in order to mobilize employees and their families to help this noble cause.

University House

Through an agreement with ResidenciaUniversitaria Sagrada Familia, Marfrig grants the children of employees who reside in the interior of Uruguay the opportunity to complete university studies in the country's capital. More than 10 young people are benefited annually through this initiative - which pays for the total cost of accommodation in Montevideo.

Ronald McDonald House

Marfrig was one of the companies that contributed to the construction of Casa Ronald McDonald in Tacuarembó. Since it started its activity in 2016, the institution has received more than 1,600 families. With a capacity to host up to 36 people per day, the house has 9 rooms, kitchen, laundry, living spaces and common areas - all specially adapted for people with disabilities.

Campaign Agasalho

Annually, Marfrig conducts a campaign to encourage employees to donate warm clothing and winter clothing. The collected items are sent to social institutions located close to the factories.

School kit

Before starting the school year, employees who have children aged 4 to 12 years receive school kits.

Support for education

Liceo Impulso, Jubilar, Liceo Francisco. Management support in public institutions with socially vulnerable children.

Other Capacities Program

Job opportunity for people with disabilities.

Own home

It is a program that supports partners in mutual aid cooperatives to realize the dream of home ownership. The project benefits 160 families.